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Genfic: the Other White Meat

Comic-based general interest fanfic

Genfic: the other white meat
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1) What is genfic?

General interest fic -- genfic -- for this forum, does not preclude either sex or relationships (homosexual or heterosexual). It can have sex, violence, adult language, adult situations. It can be rated G, PG, PG-13, or R. But romance and sexual situations should not be the focus or purpose of the story.

Examples: the movie Terminator has a sex scene in it, but were it fanfic, it would not be labeled "het". It would be considered action. The movie The Full Monty is a comedy; it would not be labeled "slash". The Crying Game was a movie that played in megaplexes all over the world and not in porn parlors geared toward gays and transsexuals.

2) What is comics_genfic?

It is a forum for the posting of stories, fic announcements, and recommendations for comics-based fanfic and fan-art of the gen persuasion. It is open to any and all comics. DCU and Marvel are the big ones, but they're not the only ones.

3) What about movieverse?

We're going to borrow another forum's rules: If it existed as a comic book before it was translated into another format, then it's fine.